Strengthening women's economic status through economic empowerment:

SAWA's strategic plan implementation for 2015/2016 has attained the following achievements

Training group members on entrepreneurship skills

Families and communities at Vianzi and Matangani Villages are supported through women and men economic empowerment-groups to improve their economic capacities in order to enable them provide holistic quality care to their children .Two groups at Vianzi and three at Matangani were supported in terms of assessment of viable exisisting households' economic activities, including mobilization of communities on sel-help projects to support ECD centres. In addition to this, hundred (100) group members were trainned on entrepreneurship skills in improved breed of local chickens and pigs that are dicease resistant and more productive, aimed at icreasing income at households' level from 10% (current) to 20% by May 2017

Women and men in entrepreneurship skills training at Matangani hamlet / Mela Village in October 2016.

Linking group members with financial institutions for accessing to soft loans

SAWA organized a vist by bank officials from CRDB Bank to the groups in Vianzi and Matangani, for the purpose of raising awarenss among members about different forms of loans that are accessible from the bank. Group members are now aware of different forms of loans available including their corresponding criteria. Among the awreness we raise for group members is the saving habit building particularly with bank Accounts that have low charges. In the forthcoming meetings of the groups, members will decide either to access loans from bank or not

One of the groups performing its bank opperations at Vianzi-Village